Brake Pedal Height

I'm trying to lower the height of the rear brake pedal on my 2011 WR. I started by adjusting the nut leading into the brake clevis a couple of turns, then a couple more, but I didn't notice a difference in the pedal height. I have adjusted it to the far end of the spec stated in the manual, but I still see no improvement. 


I'm obviously missing something here... any pointers in the right direction will be much appreciated!




Problem solved. But I'm still confused.


Rather than advancing the screw into the clevis, adjusting the nut seemed to pull it out of the boot. I solved the problem by removing the clevis, and twisting it manually until it was positioned properly. This isn't how the manual defines the process, but it seemed to work. 


Can anyone clarify what happened?

The lock nut spins, and the threaded shaft spins, and the clevis spins (once detached from the pedal).


The threaded shaft has a built in nut, which on your bike is being covered by the boot.


You turn THAT nut to change pedal height,


The nut pictured is only a lock nut.


You can also spin the clevace to change height, once detached.


You can also remove the lock nut to get more pedal drop, but you will have to cut the threaded shaft to get more drop.


If you remove the nut, make sure to put some thread lock on the threaded shaft.

Makes sense. I found it strange that loosening the built-in nut on the threaded shaft seemed to be removing the shaft from inside the boot.

I eventually threaded the shaft back into the boot area and made the adjustment by removing the clevis pin and threading it higher on the shaft, making sure the length of shaft inside the clevis fit within spec. Lock not is tightened so she ain't going anywhere.

My experience didn't seem to fit the instructions in the service manual or videos I found online... But the pedal height is perfect now - and I learned something new.


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