Uncorking 93 XR 600 R

I just got my 93 XR600R. As far as I can tell its totally stock and would like to uncork it. It has a Kei Hen carb, and an exaust tip with this little bitty hole you could barely stick a pencil into. Its been neglected and he chain and sprokets are so worn i wonder if they are the ones that came on the bike ! I am rebuilding the top end and I have it stripped down to the frame.

More power is always good, but my main goal is to get this bike to run well, start easily, and not overheat. A little louder is ok, but I want to keep it in reason also. I dont want to put to much money into this. If an item makes a big difference I dont mind spending on it, but dont want to spend a lot on small stuff that will only have a minimal impact.

From what I read here I need new jetting for the carb, etc, but have no idea what to order. Can someone tell me what I need to do to this totally stock XR ?


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You're on the right track. I did the same thing to my 93 XR600. Richen up the jetting slightly to ease starting, put in a twin air or other aftermarket filter to increase airflow. I also pulled the cork out the rear and replaced it with an endcap with an extension pointed down to the ground. Power was greatly increased throughout the powerband and wasn't too loud. Only other thing you need to do is revalve the suspension to handle high speed chores better. That's a great bike. Mine handled everything from 5th gear baja to first and second gear singletrack without ever a wimper.

You don't need to spend a boatload of money to get it running good. I'm running a 168 main, 68 pilot with the stock needle in the center postion. Starts easily, runs great. I would agree an exhaust tip from Baja Designs and a free flowing air filter would help. I'm running a UNI filter and FMF Q. Lots of fun. :)

I have a WB Hot Tip that I won't be using anymore. It adds a bit of power and bolts right into the stock exhaust. Super quiet too :) PM me and make me an offer, was $55 new, still in excellent condition.

Also, taking off the header and grinding the welds inside the pipe will give you a little extra snort. The welds are sloppy from the factory and can be worth cleaning up.


I just might have to take you up on that. Quiet but effective is just what the doctor ordered. How much you want for that ? Where you at ?



If you have no fear, you didnt go as fast as you could have !! :)

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