So, I've just brought home a brand new '15 wr450f.

School me please :)


I know about the lack of grease in the swing arm, shock linkage and steering stem and plan on giving them a good grease up asap.


I also know about some of the "free mods" but what ones are actually relevant to the 12-15 WRs? Particularly the AUS spec bikes.


Happily it did come with a full service, well, it's more of a tome than a manual, but it's there.


What I do know so far, is it appears to have had some of the "competition kit" pre installed. including, presumably the throttle stop (it currently allows about 90 degrees of rotation), power bomb style header so no AIS, looks to have snorkel parts in the box and the little tiny exhaust tip restricter removed though the pea shooter insert is still in it.


Cheers for the help in advance fellas.

There isn't too much more that you need to do to it because Aussie bikes don't come from the dealer all choked up like in the US. It really depends on the type of riding you intend to do. 


I used a few of the parts that came with the bike. I swapped the steel frame for the small plastic tail light mount and removed the side stand switch. I left the stock switch gear and indicators on because I ride it on the road a bit.


I also installed a few extras like alloy bash plate, radiator guards, hydraulic clutch and put a small plastic mirror on in place of the originals.


You might want to change the gearing but I think the stock 14:47 gearing is ok in the bush. I've actually been using 15:47 for some light adventure type riding and motarding. 


I'd just ride it for a while and you'll figure out what else you need to do to make it suit you.

Cheers for the info buddy.


I had since found out that the Aus WRs are essentially completely uncorked and even include the adjustable ECU. (too bad the tuner is like $400 here).


Just gonna see what muffler(silencer) options are available.


I've finally ran it in, just gotta give it a valve check and regrease but wait on some tools and a stand.


Pics of the filter/oil etc, thoughts?


Note: The little cup I caught some oil in wasnt free of dust prior to catching oil.




Should I worry about one of the exhaust valves being ever so slightly tight? The exhaust valve nearest the cam gears is at .19mm spec is .2-.25.

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