Does anyone know of any weight training programs or videos specifically designed for motocross/supercross?

It would be nice to see a program that the pro's use. I don't know if any of the DirtBike mag's have ever done an article about that but it would be helpful.

Just remember you want endurance training.

The best thing to do is ride as much as you can.

The days you don't ride, either do alot of cardio like riding a bicycle or hit the gym.

At the gym, do alot of reps with less weight and do as many as you can....til you burn and can't do any more. This will build up your endurance and ability to ride hard longer and to stay focused.

Just my .02

I train by watching Buns Of Steel and Jamie Lee Curtis Work out Videos, While Lifting 16 oz's at a time "Both Arms".

Yea weezer is right, do plenty of reps. I do a typical basic weightlifting regimine (4 sets of 8-12 reps of Benchpress, flys, bar dips, tri pushdowns, curls, calf raises), but I do mega rep (like 30-fast, but controlled)lightweight sets of squats, upright rows, bent rows, and lat pulldowns. I just adapted my work out to really hammer the muscles that were sore after riding. For me that was legs, traps, and lats. I try to run just a few miles 2 or 3 times a week and do situps and crunches at least every other day.


If you want the ultimate in workouts and you think you can keep up (as far as workout) with these guys then try two things first....

Click HERE for Destry

or do a search on Stev Hatch.

Steve is "THE MAN" when it comes to training!

I followed his skd (at least as close to it as I could stand!) and it nearly killed me.

One thing I did try that worked AWESOME and have stuck with it is this.........

Start HYDRATING 6days before a race!

I think he said that he drank as much H2O as usual and then added "1" gallon a day to that.........for the 6 days b4 a race.

I basically drank water everytime I passed a waterfountain and also kept a jug with me all day long.

On Tues I would drink 2 cups of water and I would pee 2 cups of water 5 minutes later!!!!

This means your body will accept NO MORE water and you are 100% hydrated. I did this all season long and it made 200% difference for endurance!

During a race I would also make a point of remembering to drink whether I thought I needed it or NOT!!!

Also Do not get caught up in the LIFTING thing.(at least as far as MASS goes)

It takes flexibility away.

lifting is not bad but lifting in reps instead of TONAGE is good! :)

Weezer # 1 has the right idea, but EgoAhole's suggestion sounds like a good idea too.

I have to completly agree with the fluid thing. this is VERY important and I don't want to stress it anymore than it allready has, but the key is endurance. Get the strength you need by pounding laps. I have been training for the past 3 months with a strict endurance program and it has helped immensley (SP?). I am now able to ride 30 minute motos when I practice at race pace and I feel great!! Just another idea to the lot here, the rowing machine is incredible!! It works the whole body (just like motocross) and is strength AND endurance orientated (just like motocross...). Don't forget the swimming, bikes, running and stair climbing. Try to break your workout into motos. Whatever it is you choose to do, don't just do it for one hour, break it up into 15, 20, or 30 minute "motos" so it can get your body to the optimum level it would need to be at in a race.

I hope I have helped!!

I use the same system as Thumpin rock hucker only mine involves beer :)

I like motousa's approach, you have some excellent ideas that seem to make sense.

I'm recovering from a broken wrist and finally got the dynamic splints off last week after 6 months. I am running everyday now to start with, and my physical therapist recommended a whey protein supplement to help get amino acids going to help re-build lost muscle in my wrist and forearm. Anyone of have an input on protein supplements? Also, what is the best (or easiest) way to tighten abs?

maybe this is my problem with riding, since i'm into the bodybuilding and a little power lifting.

just want to get to where the bike fits like a glove

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