KYB Conversion

I'm looking into doing a KYB fork conversion on my '15 RMZ450 and need some opinions. Is there a golden year for the KYB SSS forks? Have the forks changed over the recent years? I have a chance at a good deal on a pair of '14 KYB SSS forks.



06 or better...

Any thoughts to doing RaceTech spring conversation for the TAC forks?

Depending on if it's 14 YZF or YZ forks, the YZF forks will be longer...

Axle size changed in '14.


Caliper hanger bolt pattern dimensions changed in '08.

There was an axle change in '08 as well.  This same change to the "fat end" of the axle and the caliper change happened in '07 on YZ250F models. 

Thanks for the replies.

Are the '15 YZF forks better than the '14? Or did they stay the same?

Same thing.

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