05 bike for desert

I see the last year for the steel frame is 05. That sounds like a good bike to get cheap and build for desert riding/racing??

The downside of the steel 450's as a desert bike is that they all had a 4 speed trans.  If you can get it cheap enough, you could buy and install a complete '03-'06 WR450f transmission in the same cases, but it has to be completely complete, with the shift cam, 3 forks, and both whole shaft assemblies.


The 4 speed is somewhat limiting for a desert bike.  It's not as bad as you might guess, because the ratio of the 4 spd 4th gear falls in between that of 4th and 5th in the 5 speeds.  Still, not the best choice.

thanx for that, just thinking about a yz250 or yzf450 steel frame build.

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Are you set on the steel frame? I think the 2nd gen 06-09 450 was a great desert bike. Definately better than the steel frame bikes.

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