08 yzf450 trail riding maintenance intervals

Questions i want to know how many hours do i need to do maintenance on my bike i only do trail riding?

I think all the maintenance intervals are in the manual. If you don't have one, I believe they are free on this site somewhere?

From an '08 manual.

It mentions race time I track all my time as race time. Won't to do a little too much mainenance. I also ride offroad.





Anywhere between 10 to 15 hours would be acceptable for trail riding. I usually do mine around 10 hours.

Depends on what maintenance you're talking about.  The air filter, for example, should be cleaned and re-oiled for every ride unless you're slow and ride by yourself (or always in the front of the group) in a non-dusty area.  


Oil change intervals depend on the oil you use.  High grade premium oils blended for use in motorcycles with shared engine and trans oil can go 6-10 hours without being changed, but bargain car oils usually can't because the gearbox beats them up.  If you're not sure, you should change the oil out every second ride day.  


Greasing the steering head and swing arm/linkage will vary based on how much water they get exposed to.  

I was wondering about the internals

Piston and rings are highly variable.  If you follow a reasonably good maintenance regimen otherwise, you should be able to get about 200 hours or more from the top end. 

Nice so as long as I keep my air filter clean and change the oil it should last for a while huh thanks for all the help

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