Used riding gear program at MXINTHEUS

This isn't a spam for but one of the person's that runs the site, Amy Giaquinto, has a used riding gear program, where a young racer/rider that can't afford brand new gear can request for used riding gear that has been donated to the program. This is an excellant program and lots of our young beginner racers have been helped by this program. MXINTHEUS helps young beginning expert riders get noticed and also helps them with obtaining sponsorship through companies willing to help promote our sport. I donated spare and used gear last year and have received thank you emails from the individuals that have received the gear and it makes me feel knowing someone appreciates using it.

MXINTHEUS will accept all types of used riding gear, bike plastic, spare parts, ect., that could be needed by a racer or a rider. The only thing they will not accept is used helmets as there is no way for them to test the durability of the helmet and Amy will not distribute any gear that is unsafe or defective beyond normal use.

The reason I am posting this, after Sept. 11, their donations of used gear has been very little and inventory is down to nothing. So if you happen to have any used gear just laying around that you think someone that is less fortunate then us can us, I know the folks at MXINTHEUS would really appreciate it, plus you will get recognized in the program. Just visit the site and then click on Rider Support Program link.

God bless you and and thank you,

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What a great idea!! :)

Old boots, 2 pair...

old pants, jerseys....

I don't think I'll shrink back down to fit them, so Off to a new home!

Thanks Crazyadam,

I know they will be put to good use.

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