Flag mounting?

I'm going to glamis next weekend and wondering what is the best way to mount a flag?

As painful as it is, I found that drilling a hole in the back fender and using a couple of big fender washers works the best for me. I have tried the swing arm mounts but I always seem to break the flag off.

My favorite way is to put it in the camelback.  I've 3d printed some spacers and some zip tie loops so that it stays in place and is secure.  I don't notice it when riding and it stays with ME not the BIKE in the envent of a crash.  


you can run a much shorter flag, especially if you stand a lot as well.

Thank you. What about a glass flag compared to steel

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I'm headed out to glamis this weekend too, where do you stay?

Going next weekend. Idk yet. First time there lol.

I've never heard of a steel flagpole. Use 'glass.

I used swing arm mounted flags, drilled a hole in the fender and used a heavy duty zip tie to LOOSELY secure the flag along the fender

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