local mx tracks

hey guys i was on another local race/track page and there was a good debate on track type with emphassis on the tabletop vs. double issue.seeing how we have a mix from the u.s. here i was wondering what everyone thinks.

the way i see it a track of tables is safer and a track full of supercross style doubles is for maybe 5 percent of the riders,but before i get blasted let me say a good mix of tables and doubles that that dont have a super technical

landing or pitch you up 25 ft in the air.just a question that brings out lots of perpectives-what'll ya'll think?

I have to agree with you. At my age(little over 30)I'll go for a 90 foot table top before I go for double that's 45 feet part. You come up short on a TT big deal on a double it depends. I broke my collar bone coming up short on a double. It all depends on the double too. I'd rather ride on a track with several TTs than doubles, but that's me. You can still get just as much air with a TT. My .02

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