2012 YZ Sticker kit Question.



I bought a 2012 YZ450f. I would like to throw a cool sticker kit on it, so that I might look like cooler and more "badass" than I actually am.


Here are my questions:


1) My shrouds are "dimpled" or  "kinda textured".  Will a sticker kit even stick well to that business?  I don't want to spend $100+ on a kit if that crap will just peel off in a month. 


2) I can add "rim protectors"  for like $20.  Do those thing hold up in the dirt/sand? Or do they also just come flying off in a day.



If anyone has put one on their bike and know what i'm talking about, I would appreciate your input.   Just don't want to waste my moo-la.




Thank you





You're wasting your moola.  Graphic kits do nothing other than maybe protect the plastics from scratching.  They will stick to the textured stuff but not as well as the non-textured plastic.  You're bike looks pretty sweet the way it is, I wouldn't pervert it with some goofy kit. 

I like 'em naked... unless i sell them then i use factory effex . But unless you have sponsors I'd spend the money one performance and maintenance.

My '10 has the textured plastic also and the stickers that were on it when I got it stuck well enough.


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I hear you both,  and i'm 50/50 on it.  I usually don't blow money on crap that is just for show.  But I found that I really like.   Maybe if I win that 1.5 billion $ lottery............I'll splurge.



Thank you for both the info.


 And I also agree, it's pretty good looking as is. 




I too prefer the looks of a bare no-graphics bike.


For about the same price as fancy graphics, rather invest in servicing the fork oil and bushings and the shock fluid and nitrogen charge.

(if not sure of the bike's past maintenance history, it's more than likely due on a 2012)


Things that actually will help in making you ride smoother and faster (which is real badass, not pretend)

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If im gonna ride slow, im gonna at least look good doing it. I say get a rad joe gibbs racing graphics kit.

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