Snowys WR450F Project

Shouldn't the YZ cam be setup already with a shorter decompression pin?

I thought the only cam difference was the gear being pressed on 1 tooth advanced and the decompression pin being shorter?

Something to do with timing to help it e-start as the older YZ has no e start.

A little progress, almost certain it's a electrical issue. Something is not coming on, tried some start ya bastard and the motor wouldn't even try to start. Would back fire and caught the intake on fire haha, told dad and he wet himself laughing at me haha, I guess he needed a good laugh.

Anyway, delt with the fire and left it at that. Will be jumping into the loom on Saturday morning I think. Trying to get time to work on the thing is near impossible at the moment, I JUST WANT IT TO RUN.

Anyway, Thanks for stopping by

Ok so wee bit of an update, been a while since I have had any motivation. But had an idea over last weekend, so what I did was pull out the yz exhaust cam and put in and timed it.



Also disconnected the positive terminal on the starter. Just in case the solinoid was playing up. But the started is seized up so will have to get another starter and battery if want to use it.

So I tried to kick it again, no battery in it but just to see if it improves things, and I manage to catch on fire 3 times! Which is better than before. But now I just need to:

1. attach the exhaust properly

2. get a battery in

3. Fill with oil

4. Soak clutch plates as they have gone dry.

Also need so speculation. So as you guys know this is a '03. The piston rod was bent so to fix that I bought a secondhand good crank and rod which were off a 06. So I had to get the one way bearing, gear, and generator rotor to fit the end of the crank as the 06 is bigger and 03 gear won't fit it, all the other side went together well (splines identical) but I can only assume the timing markson the rotor are the same? Also, would I need to look at getting a 06 stator for the 06 crank, it is all the same size tho to the 03, only difference is the inside diameter is wider.

Again, she's getting spark and fuel and compression seems good but I will double check with a leak test when I can.

I'm soo close to getting her running I can almost taste it! Just need this win!



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