WR450F 06 Stator and GPS Options?

Hi Guys and Girls, few questions today about my 06 WR450F

What sort of gps is best suited for trail riding out in the bush/desert/forrest where the are no official roads or maps?

Also what stator would be best suited to run one of these aswell as my lights/blinkers?

I have been looking at the trail tech option and after some research I'm finding there not well recommended.

What do you guys run on your bike?


- Shauny T

I have the same gps question

Instead of a GPS unit I use the Back Country Navigator app on my phone .

It's easy to use and very reliable .

Tons of map overlays that you download before leaving cell phone range then put the phone in airplane mode and

the phone battery lasts all day without issue .

Haven't gotten lost since I started using it .

Lots of people I ride with use it and love it .

Will post screen shots later today .

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I use a Garmin.  There are many models.  Buy one that fits your needs.  As far a Stator.  By a Ricky Stator.  It will convert your system to a full DC system.  You are right Trail Tech is crap....

Ok guys scrapping the whole trail tech idea. Going with a Garmin Etrex 30x. Last 25 hours off 2 AA batteries. Think this well best suit me.

I have had 2 garmin gps go bad from vibration on a bike I use the trailtech voyager and it's never failed me yet

I use a garmin Oregon. Has a handlebar mount adapter. Custom cut a space around the handlebar pad for fit. Carry extra aa batts. Never a problem. Feel more confident with it compared to relying on cell phone gps.

Screen is small. Dust and sunlight make it hard to see screen. Single track trails on topo version maps disappear when you zoom out to big picture.

BUT always tracks your trail. Will never be lost. Good to confirm location an papermap. Clips off the mount so you can take it somewhere easier to view. Can always find nearest road for quick way home if you don't want to backtrack. Download your loop at home and view on Google earth is cool.

I used a Trail tech Voyager as well,  but mostly followed other people so I never really learned how to use it to follow a track or create a track.

I have had 2 garmin gps go bad from vibration on a bike I use the trailtech voyager and it's never failed me yet

What do you mean go bad. How bad do your Bars vibrate. What model was it?

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What do you mean go bad. How bad do your Bars vibrate. What model was it?

it was a 2006 CRF450X ate up 2 etrex garmin GPS units they stopped working  and could only be powered by external mini USB power

That sucks

Not familiar with the etrex version but the Colorado has rubber fittings for all potential places dust and water can get in and to open it up to replace battery's is pretty tight and water proof. Sounds like yours got dusted or something fouling the battery contacts.

I have the Garmin Montana.  I use the integrated full rugged mount system that ties the unit to the battery.  Works great.  I also use it for my daily driver and my Jeep and when I go hiking.(Not too often.  Why walk when you can Ride!)

I'm using a Garmin gps62. I gave my wife to use on her bike a gsp60x. Neither gps has given us any issues. For me the key was to put a piece of double sided foam

on the mount / under the gps to keep it secure in the ram mount. I have hard wired them in with a Garmin usb cable.


I would think if the bike already has a 35w headlight you should be able to run the blinkers without any issues. On my 12 wr I installed a d/s harness from tusk with the handle bar light switch and wired it into the existing headlight. I can now go from low to high beam with the same stator / power, run the blinkers as well as the brake light. If your after more headlight power, then it seems to me that Ricky Stator has the best bang per $.

I still say the Back Country Navigator is the way to go .


Total investment of $20 with USFS Topo, BLM and OHV map overlays ,

no extra device to carry or worry about , no extra batteries to carry .







* tracks go across the lake as this is California so the lake was empty .




Granted I would not want to mount my phone to the handlebars,  

but carrying it in my pocket works fine for me .

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