Flywheel or tuner?

I have a 2014 Yz450F and I would like to tame it down a little for trail riding and just to get used to it better before unleashing all its potential. I was thinking about getting the GYTR heavy flywheel or the GYTR tuning tool. My question is, what would be more effective at taming the bike down?

The tuner would be more versatile.

Yeah, that's true. I'm thinking the same thing. I'll probably go that route. Thanks.

I changed the mapping on my bike and I didn't need a FWW anymore.  Went from the stock map to the "woods map"  and it made a big difference and really tamed down the hit and made the bike much more mellow.   The bike still comes to life on the top end, but the bottom is where it made the biggest difference.  


If you would like to spend some money, for $150 more than the tuner you can get a Rekluse which I've heard makes it much more rideable.  I didn't go that route, but some days I wish I had.  

That's good to hear. Where do you get the maps from?

That's good to hear. Where do you get the maps from?


I'd be interested in a woods specific map, too.  I just picked up a 14 and a tuner and have started collecting maps.


The MXA map can be found here:


There are also several maps that the European Yamaha team came up with for the 14 here:


I've loaded all those into my tuner, but so far only switched from stock to the MXA map.  Conditions that day were terrible so not really a good day for testing new settings.

There's a sticky at the top of this forum.  It will have all the information that you will need.  Or just search online for the 2014 model.  I know there were slight changes made to the maps for the different years, but there should be something out there you can use. 




2010/2011 YZ450 Owner EFI & Timing Map Database


I wonder if the maps for the 2010-11 would work the same for the 2014?

have you considered a gearing change? front sprocket? rear sprocket? much cheaper than a $300 tuner

I wonder if the maps for the 2010-11 would work the same for the 2014?

Seriously doubt it without some modifications. I'd rather get some that somebody has validated on the '14, just my own opinion.

I have some different sprockets. They do help in some ways. But I think I like the idea of having the tuner so I can change the tune as needed. I could have a trail tune, then go to the beach and put it on kill. Plus I went ahead and ordered one. Just got it in today.

Did some looking around and found these maps for the 2014.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1453433165.010890.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1453433243.201372.jpg

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