Brecon Becons ( UK)

Any Britts rode on the Becons ?

5 of us from Nottingham are going on Monday.

All info welcomed. :)

Do you guys actually have places to ride on that island, I'd love to see pictures of the kind of riding you have.

I'll mail you some next week !

what information do you require?I can mark out best legal trails on OS MAP or provide guide to show you the best and most beautiful trails in Wales. TRF south wales member

Just recomend some of your most liked trails .

Grid references for start and finish of lanes would be very usefull .

and a rateing would be good to

Thanks!!!! :)

Cant help with grid refs,the guy with the relevent maps has gone to Hawkstone park today(sun).If you travel along Sarn Helen towards Brecon you could use the map to head towards Sennybridge,great lanes.There are lanes either side of the A40.At the junction for Eppynt ranges you will notice the derelict motel.just before the motel on the right you will find a short stretch of road that leads to a great climb.When you reach the tarmac road turn right and follow to start of Roman road.This runs parallel to the A40 and takes you towards Llandovery where there is a biker friendly cafe and a stack of lanes north and south of the town.Hope this is some help and you have a great time.


Had a fantastic day First lane i can not remember it's name is only open march and sept from near brecon towards merther was a good lane.

We then took on fuel and headed towards the roman rd near the A 4109 and made our way back towards brecon .

Had a fantastic time lanes in great condition makes Derbyshire and Northants look tame.

I would still like some grid references as we will be comeing back in the not to distant future .


i can email you my garmin track data or i can try to give grid refs if i can to use my garmin bits you will need mapsource. we go to the brecons once a month as its so good,

there is some good lanes starting at talybont resevour(spelt wrong) and going over the top @7k and someone has built a mx track up there.

please . :)

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