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yz125 swingarm help!

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so while trying to get the swingarm bearings out, i ended up damaging the swing arm to the point i'm going to have to get a new one. problem is.. my bike seems to be a bit of a frankenbike, so i'm having a hard time deciding what year of swingarm i should buy.
if i check the vin on my frame the bike shoes up as a 1998. but. the numbers on the motor are from a 2001, and i found out the hard way that the rear wheel is from a 1999-2001 because the sprocket i bought earlier this year for a 1998 wouldn't fit and i had to buy a new one.

1998 seems to be a pretty shitty year to get parts for, so i'm wondering if anyone out there knows if i should buy a 1999-2001 swingarm because that seems to be what would match the motor, and rear wheel?

theres a pretty good deal on some ebay swingarms right now so hoping to get this figured out and a new one on the way sooner than later.

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