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play in clutch basket.

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I have a 86 ATC 250R, I was installing my new wiseco clutch basket. 2 issues. 

Number 1: From everything ive read the kick start gear has to be put in the freezer and new basket put in the oven for that gear to drop in. I did neither and my gear literally drops right in and has a tiny amount of play. It came out of the stock basket without pressing it out, but didnt seem to have the little bit of slop in it, or i didnt notice. 

Number 2: When bolting my new retainer plate through the larger kicker gear to the new basket, that also has some play even with the bolts as tight as they go. 

So i continued on and after i have the basket installed on the motor and the inner hub installed, the basket has play in it, like a wobble. Im almost positive it is coming from that gear that gets installed inside of the basket.like its sliding in and out of the basket. Im not sure if this is normal or i have a junk basket. 

I had this motor rebuilt top to bottom from CT racing so every bad bearing should have been replaced. My rubber cushions were in good shape. I believe i have everything installed correctly. Here is a link to the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G536...ature=youtu.be

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