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1998 YZ125 basket case / engine decode

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Okay so i bought a 1998 YZ125 basket case for $300. I'm trying to sort everything out on it. i'm wanting to know what year the engine is 

*E101E-002644* (the 6 may be a "g" but im assuming it was a six as this is what made the most sense and is what is most looked like)

it has 5dh00  y-1  stamped on it as well. the cylinder has 45510 y-2 stamped on it.


another question i have its got a 37mm mikuni carb on it. is that the right one? becasue the carb joint is split becasuse it was jammed into too small  of a carb to engine joint. 

if its not the right size carb what year carb to engine joint do i need to buy to fit a 37mm carb





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