Leaky air box?

2015 WR

Ok, I oil the everloving shit out of my airfilters. I open it up to see this dust in the airboot. As you can see, I even grease the seal. Don't see dust in the grease. I THINK the clamp between the airbox and air boot is loose, or the connection is leaking. The dust on the upstream side of that connection is dispersed differently than downstream (you can see it if you look, the Allen wrench is pointing at the mating surface)

OR, the dust is leaking through the air filter where the plastic cage know slips through the filter..but that looked clean.

The clamp is in the top right hand corner of the airbox...it's impossible to tighten. It looks like there is no access and the airbox is riveted together. Clamp FEELS tight.

Help? Maybe I can put a ring of grease over the gap?

I just had valves checked, they were perfect. ...This is one ride,since then, maybe 2 hours of riding. Should I be worried?


I'll bet the boot is not on all the way at the back of the carb.,.....

It's FI. So, throttle body?

How would dust go upstream in the intake ?

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I'm not sure what it is, but have you lifted up the subframe and inspected the rear boot?

Looked at airboot. Haven't lifted subframe. How difficult is it to do that?

Well does anyone know how to get to the screw to tighten the clamp?

Its real fine so i say its being pulled through the filter. I had same issue using a hiflo air filter. No issues now with oem filter and silkolene air filter oil

What filter and oil you using?

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Twin air or UNI with Fab 1 oil.

The UNI seems like it's much more coarse.

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I've no experience with either Twinair or Uni, so can't comment on how good eitherof them are at filtering the dust out


As its a 2015 bike, what happened to the OEM filter?

Go back to an OEM filter as a baseline and recheck

Can't currently find OEM one. I usually buy a few filters to keep a clean one always on stand by. Comparing the twin air to UNI, the twin air is definitely a finer media.

I siliconed the outside of the airbox where the boot connects, and switched to the twin air. Will report back after the rainy weather stops. Hopefully this issue is resolved and this thread can be helpful to someone else

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