756 rear to M12 Rear...............

Has anyone else done this and how did it work out?



I have an M12 rear on, and out of all the rear tires I've tried, I like it the best. I've heard good things about the Dunlop 755 rear, but haven't tried one and heard they are fazing that model out. :)

I went from the stock rear (was it a 739?) to an M-12, then to an S-12. The M-12 was an improvement over the stock tire for about 60 miles, then it was TOAST! Then I switched to the S-12 and couldn't be happier. It just lasts and lasts. I couldn't recommend the M-12.

I ride mostly woods, but have also run some ride open GP race stuff with the new tire. In fact, I put it on just before the 24 hour race at Goldendale, rode it 90+ miles there, and it showed zero wear after the race. I now have probably 10 rides on it, and it's maybe 25-40% done.

I have also used both the M12 & S12's. I had 3 or 4 half used M12's that I used a few times(sold @ local race) and then switched back to the S12's. S12's hook up WAY BETTER & LAST LONGER!! Even in hard to medium terrain I would use the S12's!!


I used the M-12, and it worked OK for the first ride and then it was junk. It wouldn't hold a line in the loose gravel. I had good luck with the 739's or even the maxxis IT.

All I run is M-12's front and rear. However, I live in Nevada, which bascially means, sand, rock and DG(kitty litter soil). The M-12's have a natural cupping pattern which is GREAT in sand.

I have tried the S-12 many times in the past. I have flatted EVERY time I have ridden one (front or rear). I also always run Bridgstone Ultra heavy duty tubes. The sidewall on the S-12's are too thin for Nevada rocks, at least that is my experience.

Please keep in mind, where I ride is VERY different than most parts of the country.

I agree Strick. Just removed the old M-12 after 1000 miles of hard desert riding in Fallon. Never had any problems with the tire. 756 does not have the life of a M-12 for my riding. :)

I agree with Strick, the michelin sidewalls don't handle rocks well at all. the s-12 had great traction but a huge cut sidewall doesn't grip worth S$%t. I have been running the Kenda Millville the last two years and I am very happy with the traction and duarability. I ride tight woods,roots :thumbsup:and alot of rocks. WR Dave.

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