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66 B100p Bearcat - throttle cable to grip connection

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I found a '66 B105P in a barn a couple of weeks ago. After going through the wiring (which a mouse had chewed most of) and cleaning the carb and points it ran like a charm! Now the question is how does the throttle cable attach to the grip. the grip doesn't look right, as there are no threads for the cable to screw in to. See photos attached. I found a grip from a A100 on ebay that does have threads on it.( http://www.ebay.com/itm/1977-suzuki-go-fer-A-100-a100-s91-throttle-/230569722795?hash=item35af06c3ab:m:mK4RCkzggeIAxvUKLDmTsRQ&vxp=mtr )

Thanks for the help



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