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jetting/tuning for rad valve/pwk on cr125

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Looking for some starting points for jetting for a 01 cr125 with a 38mm air striker with the intentions of adding a boyesen rad valve.  all jetting recommendations are for the stock 36mm tmx carb. 


Currently at 182 main, 45 pilot, 1.75 turns on a/s, 5.5# slide and N3CG needle.


According to boyesen for stock 01 cr125 they suggest leaning out the main 2 steps and leaning out the slow jet 5 steps.    for a cr250 (where the carb originated) only leaning out the main a few steps but leaving the slow jet alone).  


Curious to hear what others have done as I can seem to turn up anything by searching around and to my understanding the rad valve will run just fine without jetting change but to really see benefit you need to jet accordingly - I just don't know where to start or which way to go. 



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