2009YZ 450 Wanting to raise bars

My son rides a 2009 YZ450.  He is 6' 2" tall and lean.  Complains the bars are to low.  Feels to bent over. 

We put a set of protaper Wyndam Mids and he still wants higher bars.  Issue is cables!  I don't think I can put a new clamp on to raise the bars because of cable length.  Anyone have any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions? 

What about lower foot pegs or mounts?  Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Man I have a 16 450 and I have same problem and I have the same bars. I haven't found anyone who sells longer cable and I can't seem to find any bar risers either, everyone that I talk to tells me I have get get all my cables made. So pretty much I'm learning to ride bent over. It sucks!

You can mod the footpegs yourself easily. There's a thread on here somewhere about modifying Yamaha footpegs to be lower. Also most bar risers will be ok without changing anything with the cables. Just check everything out before riding. I made lower pegs for my 07 and used bar risers. I liked the bar risers with a tall seat best.

I have the Pro Taper Windham bend with about a 1" bar spacer. I'm 6' 4" and it feels a lot better. I'm not sure if your cables are long enough but I know mine is. Just take the top off of the bar clamps and see if you have room to go up.

I personally like the brp sub mount scotts with cr high bends. Raises it quite nicely. And the stabilizer is worth it's weight in gold.

I am 6'5" and had the same issue with my 08 yz450f. At every jump I felt I was going to go head first over the bars. I'm running the Ricky Carmichael high bend fat bars with tusk 30 mm risers. You have to re route the throttle cables to the back side of the handlebars with this configuration bit all the stock cables work. HUGE DIFFERENCE in comfort and confidence!

6'3" and talked to a lot of tall pro's


Consensus is to ride the bike as close to stock as possible. No lower pegs, no tall seat foam and no high risers.


The goal is to keep your center of gravity low and fast in the corners. 

I do rotate my bar forward 1 degree though

Kevin Windham was a tall pro, as was Pastrana, and the bar bends the popularized are considerably taller and farther forward than the notoriously low OEM YZ bars.  Raising your hand position won't effect CG much at all, and lowering the CG won't do much good if you can't control the bike effectively, or stand over the bike without the bars banging your thighs just above the knee unless you hang back on them. 

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