Tim Ferrys Bike

I have a question . I was reading the new Motorcross Action last night. It said Ferry runs a Highly modified Production carburator. It also says most notibly that there is no Throttle position Sensor . And The bike starts on the first kick everytime and never needs the hot start button. How come we cant do the same .Why would I have to do the BK mod if that is the case . Any Help would be great . Thanks for your time . I couldnt get any good answers at DRN . Althought I screwed up and wrote accelerator pump instead of TPS.

BIG, Tim Ferry's bike does have the BK mod. The BK mod was provided to us by his mechanic Brian Kinney (sp?). Hence the designation BK. As for the removal of the TPS, I don't have an answer for that. The BK mod allows you to limit the amount of fuel deliviered by the accelerator pump when you wick the throttle. You can even eliminate the pump shot with it. I'm not a carb guru but I believe that this also helps out in the starting of the bike. Many who have done the mod claim less starting problems. My bike starts clean first kick almost always. I've never really had much need to use the hot start knob either. Hope this helps.

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