Fork Tube Height

OK, all you So Cal & Baja Desert Dudes. How many millimeters are you running on the fork tubes? 5mm? I had taken off my forks and had some suspension work done. It took them a while to do it (a month). I know...I should have marked or measured it before I yanked them off. Anyway I forgot the exact setting. I put them back right up to the fork cap at first and believe me, if you want it to turn...Don't Do That! I popped them up out in the field, approx 5 mm. Is there a good all around or prefered measurement? Sorry for the Spode-like question but I do respect the opinions of my peers! :)

I'm not sure what others are using for their measurements, but mine are set at 2.45mm based on my digital vernier :)

When I had my suspension done, I was told to set the forks at 5 mm for desert and 8 mm for a grand prix track. This was messured from the top of the upper tripple clamp to the top of the edge of the fork cap. I've been thinking about trying 10 mm for some tight trail riding.

7mm without the caps. I'm using an Applied top triple clamp. :)

7mm without the caps. I'm using an Applied top triple clamp. :)

Ahh yes....I forgot to mention that I am using a BRP top clamp. I believe they are very close to the Applied design. Think I'll try 7mm this weekend.

...."Gladiators...I salute you!" :D

I run 8mm W/3wt Maxima oil set at 120mm with .47 Racetech springs. Mostly trail riding. Still tinkering with compression and rebound settings but overall this seems to be a good starting place.


Yep, Got my scoot all Race Teched out. .47 springs in front with 10 Eibach on the rear. Race Tech Ultra Slick @ 130mm with gold valves. Be Mo-Tat-In' one time! :)

Jacky Attacky!

Ran 7mm last Saturday. Bike carved turns like a jigsaw.


:):D :D

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