new guy needs HELP

H E L P ! Just got a 01 yz426. What do I need to know. What do I need to change. Do's and do nots anything yall can do will help. I ride trails in so. cal. and the dunes. The bike has a wb muffler.

I also have an "01" WR426 and ride in the SoCal area. The following is what I've done to bring my bike up to spec. Removed air box lid completely. YZ throttle stop screw to replace the longer WR screw. This lets the throttle open all the way. Complete White Brothers Carbon fiber E Series exhaust with header pipe. I've kept the jetting stock which seems to be working great!! Pro Taper bars and ASV levers for a better riding position. Also not a bad idea to replace the plug and fluids just for added safety. Cleaned the air filter. Repacked the suspension linkage with new waterproof grease. Tighten spokes and check all major nuts & bolts for proper torque. Enjoy!!!! :)

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