03 YZ450F Will Have E-Start!

Today my local Yamaha dealer says that he just received a bulletin from the factory regarding the new YZ.

Key points are: 450cc, seperate engine/trans oil, lighter than tbe Red CR450--even with electric start. The bike is to be released in July.

Sounds too good to be true, I wonder how light it would be w/o the e-start? I hope they don't elimate the manual kick start lever like Suzuki did with the DRZ. That way we can take off the battery and starter to save weight.

Was it Max Pitts? Call back that Schmo from Kokomo, and tell him you want to see the bulletin. Make a copy, then scan and post it here.

I bet the "bulletin" will suddenly become very hard to find...

I know this is just another attempt to get under ththose red guys skin. Must be sleeping. Or they are speechless. :D

That would suck for those guys. Back to wishing again. :)

I heard the 03 bike is made of the same material recovered from area 51 crash in New Mexico. It cant be seen becouse of the stealth Technology and it has A.I. (Artificial Intelagence), it learns your shifting habits and crashing habits. It contains a self preservation diagnostic, that simply means when it feels threatened it just stops by ejecting the rider grabing the binders and deploys a anti-hdg )HitDaGround air bag.

FYI - The AMA removed the whole weight rule thing. I guess the EPA had to remind the manufactures to remind the AMA what the future technology of this sport is going to be. Now we know who is in charge.

Electric start? Maybe on a WR. Besides, didn't really see anyone lose a race this year due to a stalled four-stroke. Did I miss it?

In either case, it's obvious that when the 03 roles around, there's not going to be much room for 400/426 chit chat.

Now where did I put that deposit money?


Wow sounds like a great bike. I hope the Yamaha dealer is right, but I have my doubts. Ferry's bike weights 226 according to MXA. So electric start and weight around 230 should be interesting. I think EgoAhole has it right with the metal from the Area 51 site unless carbon fiber is going to come standard on the bike, some plastic gears, and 4mm fasteners on the bike too. Only time will tell, should be interesting !

estart on an MX bike doesn't make sense. An offroad bike (WR) maybe, but an MX bike? I'm not buyin it. ;P

I hope not?If you cant start it dont buy it? :)

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I had a guy email me a pic of what he claimed was the 03 YZF 450.

If I knew how to post a pic I would.

I'm usually on here under IBWFO but for some reason it won't let me use my login, so I made one for my kid.


Send the pic to me at

the addr i sent to your pm's at the top of ur page

I will put it on my web page and then pull it from there onto here> That is ( I think )the only way you can do it is to have it on awebpage first!

It would be very interesting to see!

Front of my bike?

Just sent it to you.

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<font color=blue><h3>Don't know 'bout you but it looks like a 426 to me???<font color=red>WITH BOLD NEW GRAPHICS!</h3> :)2003-yzf.jpg

I know the airbox, and the side plates are different, The swing-arm and linkage are too.

Looks like the rear caliper and master cyclinder are also. It still looks like the frame holds oil though?




I don't know about you guys but I see two things different on this bike than the one above.

make that 3

1. different airbox and side panels?

2. Blurry sticker on the rear fender??????


3. Notice how the FONT on the 2003 and the rest of the YZ450F seem to be a little distorted???

(sqwashed down as if "overlaid" in a photo program)

I am not disclaiming your info "BRANDON??"

I am sure your friend sent you this pic but where did HE get it?

It is amazing what you can do with "Photoshop"

It wouldn't suprise me if yammy sticks with the same basic layout for at least one more year though. :)

<font color=red><h3><center>Now if Yammy could just do something like this .......in the $6k range of course!!!! </center><center>And change the color to </center><center><h1><font color=blue>BLUE!</h1></center></h3><center><h1>CR125 w/426F slammed into it!!</h1></center>

<center> :) </center>


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How logical is it?

If it were lighter than CRF, then let's make a guess that it weighs 232 lbs (with E-start) all fluids , no gas. Remove the battery, starter and starter gears, and you would be down to around 220 lbs, which is probably much lighter than Dubach's bike.

Unless there's some new super secret materials technology - it (the weight) doesn't add up.

[ March 08, 2002: Message edited by: holeshot ]

wouldn't that also put it under the new 4-stroke weight limits that the AMA is proposing?

I agree that it doesn't add up. But, I figured that this is probably due to the usual marketing exaggerations. I expect that it will probably be a few pounds more than the CR, if it really has e-start as standard.

My intent was just to pass along the information--as I heard it. Ultimately, time will tell.


to me it looks like someone just copied and pasted parts of the 2002 YZ250 onto the 2002 yz426. not hard to do in photoshop.

Competition between Yamahas and Hondas will be great for us! We will have better bikes to choose from in the future.

I don't know much about the 03 YZ 4-stroker but I would agree to some of the previous posts that the weight of the bike will probably be a few pounds more or less that of the Honda 450 since it would be bery close to the AMA minimum weight limit (that sucks). The AMA really sucks when they put a weight limit on these bikes. It gives the manufacturers no development incentives to lower weight of the bikes even more.

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