Regular @ $2 per gallon

Yep, good old 87 octane regular gasoline has finally hit two bucks a gallon here in Southern California. Looks like it's gonna be a long summer…

In Jacksonville area, Florida, we're at $1.60 for 87 octane............

Yup I know what you're saying Ron. You know what's kinda wierd, I'm still doing this stupid commute from San Diego to Irvine 5 days a week. A month ago Gas was 10 cents cheaper in Irvine, now it's 10 cents higher. What's up with that?



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

Up here in the Great White North for 87 octane we're currently at 82.5 cents per litre,which works out to approx.$3.12 CDN. per U.S. gallon.Was as low as 49.9 cents last summer and they're saying it's going to top a buck a litre this summer!Not surprisingly all of the major oil companies are reporting unprecedented profits for the first quarter of 2001.They say that there is more demand than supply and that is driving the prices up.Either way it feels like I'm getting raped at the pumps,I'm just not sure by whom.

Well guys, I guess it's time we all trade in our gas hogs on lil'ol Trail 90's or something. :)

My heart bleeds for you guys. Here in Australia we pay $1.03 per Liter for Unleaded fuel. The funny thing is we produce over 80% of it.

PS. What's a V8? :)


Tony Montana

Sorry guys, I paid $1.55 per gallon today for 87 octane here in So. Ore, but I know the price is going to go up up up.

The sad part is 30 miles north of here it is cheaper still and they say there is no price fixing........Yeah RIGHT.


in the UK we pay £0.80 (80 pence) per litre. that's £4.50 per imperial gallon or if you like $6.50 per Imp gallon.

by the way yanks, you realise the reason i keep mentioning the IMPERIAL bit?

our gallon is BIGGER than yours!!!

about the only time anyone else in the world has ever been able to say that!

you use your fuel over longer distances so, fair do's, you should pay less. we just use all ours up in traffic jams.


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1.45 here in Austin,TX if you know where to fill up at. one place in San Antonio had it for 99 on wednesday for a going out of buisness sale.

£4;50 per gallon in the uk,,and of that all but 45pence is govenment tax

oh well at least we have such a wonderfull public transport system in return huh

TAFFY,would also like too add our balls are also bigger in the u.k.

It's sitting at $3.30 Can /imperial gallon in Calgary, Alberta. If you stick the Can:US exchange, it's about $2.15 US.

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When it hits $100 a gallon, i guess I may have to cut back my riding.

Then again there's a lotta dough in the kids college funds...

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