2013 YZ450F: Does it need Injectioneering TB fix?


I heard that the 2013 model fixed a TB issue that the 2010-2012 model's have causing one to want an Injectioneering fix.


Does anyone here have knowledge of this?


BTW what a fun bike!




Good question. You could see if the years take the same throttle body part # or call injectonengineering

I have heard opinions that the '13 was considerably smoother off idle than the '10, but I don't know for sure.  Less smooth than a well tuned carb, but it's something that you can get used to.  There are regulars here who own them both ways, wait to see what they say. 

Anyone else have any info on this?



I have a '13 and it is fine for me in stock form. I can't compare it to a '10-'12 however.

What mods have you done to it? What kind of riding are you doing?

Thx, Russ.

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