Magura Hydraulic clutch

I was wondering where I could purchase a hydraulic clutch system for a wr450. Been riding KTM's for a few years and have been spoilt by the easy pull of a hydraulic clutch. :)

Try Rocky Mountain

Get the magura jack from them, get the braided line because the cheap plastic one goes brittle and breaks real quick. Get the vacuum bleeding kit and extra oil. Rocky Mountain has great prices and a wide selection and huge stock. :)

Thanks for the reply Indy. Does the reservoir cap come with the little holder for the hot start? Also, was mounting the bottom unit much of an issue and is the pull a one finger deal?

The pull is lighter but still 2 finger unless you are part gorilla. :) The same clutch model on a 250 - 2 smoke is lighter pull (one finger) due to the clutch not being as heavily sprung as on our four strokes. Yes the cap comes off and the hot start is attached to it. You really dont need to service it but once a year. It is a great set up but make sure you get bark busters and if you want to do it right use my mounting design that allows the slave cylinder rod end to pivot ( therfore they dont break or leak like other people have had them do). Magura mounting is pathetic in my opinion. Anyone can PM me with an email address and I can send you pics and parts drawing to have a local machine shop make for you to mount it right. :D

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