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New 2016 x-trainer owner (impressions from first ride)

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For a beginner rider 5' 6" this bike is amazing! Also the price under cutting all the ktm/huskies was another deciding factor. With the seat conceptz low seat its about 35.5" standing. Sweet. 


The first things you notice. It looks like it cost 15k. Its small and feels lighter than even my old 125. Everyone will ask you what size bike it is and are blown away when you say its a 300. It turns amazingly its almost telekinetic. Great balance I can stop and balance on the pegs easy enough for a bit and still catch it if it tips over. It starts very easily with the choke and it does take awhile to warm up and rev cleanly. Jetting was great no burbles or studdering in the rev range. Power comes on the top end much better with a few miles but I still keep the revs down until I run 2-3 tanks through it and change the trans oil. The brakes are amazing. The rear comes adjusted so high you lock it up all the time, I will fix that soon. The front feels almost as good as my husqvarna te511; brakes on that bike were which are definitely some of the best for a enduro. There is slight amount of squish or play before they bike hard, lever pressure is hard as woodpecker lips but you do get good feedback. I actually never locked up the front now that I remember. Which is pretty good for an amateur dirt rider. Even in the mud it was tottally controlled! 


I have been in the dirt a handful of times and usually have a bad time due to the bike im on. My last bike was a husqvarna cr125 2 stroke 1999. Both times I had it in the dirt (38" seat height) i dropped it enough to brake all the levers and pedals quickly. Oh and dent the pipe. Come up to a jump and open the throttle...bog. You have to have some experience ripping it wide open to ride a 125 mx bike around trails. I have plenty of supermoto expierience and alot of street riding but have never really cranked it in the dirt. But this is a whole new animal.


It had rained early in the day and on the mx tracks it was like 4-6" of muck. Yet at no point was I ever uncomfortable with the terrain nor did I have a point where the bike could be blamed or talked bad about. Perfect out of the box for a fast street/track guy that is totally new to dirt riding.

It can take off in third gear! This means in heavy heavy slick clay you can run a much higher gear and feed throttle with no clutch work. It will spin but slowly and controlled. I used to drop my bikes in the first try on several hills here, on this bike not once even in 6" of mud with an uphill turn. The stock tires out preformed other bikes tires with ease the rear is huuuuge and clears even in heavy slick snotty mud.

Once the ground dried and in the upper area terrain was heavy grit wet sand the speeds went up. I was able to do 30-40mph on the badly whopped and rutted trails. It soaks up huge dips and whoops at low speed amazingly. It is super comfortable.

At any point on a blind hill climb I could just billy goat it up the hill slowly. No drama.

THIS IS PROBABLY NOT FOR FAST RIDERS IT CANNOT KEEP UP WITH FAST SHORT CONSECUTIVE RUTS THAT PACK THE FRONT END WHILE BRAKING. I tried adding spring preload and messing with the rebound settings but no matter what AT ABOVE 40-45 MPH THE FRONT SUSPENSION PACKS HARD AND feedback through THE BARS makes it hard to control. Compared to my 99 cr125 and husqvarna te511 which both received one ride each on the same trails. I never had that unstable feeling on those bikes. I tried flushing the forks and pushing them up 10mm on the beta and not a huge difference. IT simply gets sketchy and has trouble with the very rapid medium ruts/whoops. Especially downhill. I dont think bottoming is the issue I can only describe it as packing. On my road bikes I would be increasing compression dampning and reducing the rebound to cure the feeling. Not sure how it transfers to dirt. I just let the guy on the 380 ktm take off and I kept it steady.  Just something I noticed as the bike is just a beautiful ride at the lower speeds.

Seat concepts low seat and my butt felt great all day. My shins hurt from gripping so hard tho might look into those steg pegz. MY arms were a bit sore from arm pump, but moving the bars back should help. 


Yesterday I installed the kouba link I bought and the seat height is now 34.5" standing. I will set the sag, push the forks up, move the bars rearward and ride it to see the difference. Honestly just sitting on the bike I am not sure the kouba link makes a huge difference. But its easy enough to go back to stock. 

These are just my initial impressions but I knkow had I been on my old TE511 or even a fullsize 300rr I would have probably dropped the bike a few times. The wet terrain really was slick and the smaller bike with lower seat height was just perfect. 


On the return trail I could pull the front up standing with the throttle easy enough and it was super easy to hold the wheelie on. I think it will pull it up in 4th with a bit of body language and some run in. 


In the future I will probably register it street legal and then it will get ridden infinitely more often connecting trails and such. Until then she waits for the next ride 🙂 


Cant say enough about Motoxotic as Dan was able to get me a great price on an available X-trainer and out riding the next day! Good people and worth the drive. 




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Sounds like you made the right bike choice,it also sounds like you are having the same suspension issues as other Xtrainer owners ,which is that the bike great if you stay within it's parameters but can't cope with fast choppy conditions.

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