426F Diet Plan

if your really worried about the weight - wait for the 03's to come out or buy a honda( thats what I am going to do i think - I am waiting to see how big yamaha steps it up first). or just dont worry about it

I ask a simple question and so far I've learned that if I try to lighten my bike:

1) I'll go Broke. :D

2) I'll be married to a Fat Blue Girl :D

3) She'll be married to a Fat White Guy :D

4) 3 new politicians will be elected

5) Honda has the remedy :)

Oh well.....theres always next year! 03 YZ? or pull a Carmichael.

Thanks guys for the sometimes valuable and sometimes painful ideas. :D

DaveJ, your last name wouldn't be Neitche, would it? Or is it Patton!? I can't decide if that was philosophy or a pep talk. Either way, good stuff!

(I don't know what the jumbled up words are in the last response between mine and yours!?)

[ March 19, 2002: Message edited by: dirtdad ]

Awwwlll right....

I'm getting a little concerned that all your wives and girlfriends have climbed into your heads over the cumulative years, and destroyed those central brain cells so vital to being real men.

Think back for a moment and re-collect what your priorities were during the formative years.

That's right, it was all about taking it apart, making it better, and most importantly, louder and faster.

Did we all sit around as 10 year old boys (err...men) and say to yourselves, "Aah, that thing’s fine the way it is"?

Of course not!!

We resolved to fix things that were in perfect working order by taking them apart and making them work...better.

It had to be lighter, faster and stronger...or it would suffer the consequence of some explosive device.

Remember what the Six Million Dollar Man represented to us? What about Star Trek? Where those the shows that little girls who left things the way they are sat around and watch? NO!

Men - we are programmed to go where no man has gone before - to make the YZ faster, stronger, lighter.

And as real men, we build performance and DESTROY anything that threatens to take that away. DESTROY!!!

So yes, learning how to ride, eatting better and staying in shape is a life long sentence. Keep at it!

But showing up with a bike that has “GIRL” written all over it, is completely unacceptable.



unbolt the clamps,,,remove your bars

move the bike about 4 foot to the left

then move a crf450 [minus bars] in the place the yamaha used to be, tighten up the clamps


By the way, there's a carbon fiber airbox with v-stack on E-Bay for $250.

I got mine form a user for $275.

These are great deals, so keep your eyes peeled.

I wonder if this stuff will also transfer to the 03?

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