Howzit guys, from lovely and sunny South Africa. Big Yamaha fan and looking at buying a WR 450 in the near future. Looks like a friendly bunch of guys, and some usefull tips on here as well. :)

Welcome. You have come to the right place. Tim

You found the best forum on the web for a WR450. Welcome. Advice: Buy an new 04 or get a used 03 and buy the parts to upgrade the starter to 04 design. :)

Will for sure by a 04. Nothing like a shiny blue WR. :)

Welcome aboard!!!! I've only been a member for a couple weeks and I can tell you that there is a ton of information about the WR450 here. The guys here are awesome and always willing to help a brother out. You will love the bike, it's a gas to ride!!! :)

Havent been on a WR but it is either the WR or the XR 600 since I want it for road use aswell, but mainly for weekend trails and bush riding. Lesotho mountains is close by where i am from so I need a die hard machine and I think the WR offers the best package. :)

Welcome you will come to fid this site has a lot of good info just use the search egine for any questions! :)

Welcome to TT. Good to see an expanding international membership. Post some pictures of the African riding areas for us if you can.

Here is some pics of the ROOF





Awesome pics. Looks like you have some great riding areas. Go for the Wr you wont regret it. And welcome aboard. :)

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