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’96 Duke carb and petcock woes

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A few months ago I acquired a low-mileage ’96 Duke (my first KTM): An apparently honest 862 miles on the clock, but it had been sitting outside awhile, so I’ve gradually been checking and dealing with the sort of aging & weathering issues you’d expect.

The biggest problem is, somebody replaced the Edelbrock QS carb with a rather bashed-up, JB-welded Mikuni. As best I can tell by comparing photos and schematics,I think it’s a BST model, although no idea what size since I’ve not removed anything yet to measure the throat. The bike does run, kind of ¾-assedly, well enough for me to tell I’d like to keep it (plus, I've already had new Metzeler Sportecs mounted to replace the cracked old original Michelins), but rather than mess with tuning, or having it tuned (it had briefly been at a KTM dealership in Raleigh, so had been sorted a little…but I was pretty disappointed to realize they’d attempted tuning without first replacing the crumbling old air filter, and with no clamps installed on the airbox/carb boot, so…not terribly confident about their efforts), I just want to start fresh with a new carb.

To that end, I’ve been reading opinions and procedures here and elsewhere about Mikuni and Keihin pumpers (btw, I have the original carb; figure to put in on eBay, having read that it might be more desirable among some ATV owners). But I have to wonder if the simplest fix might be a Dellorto PHM40 like the world-spec bikes got – providing the appropriate boots, cables, manifold, etc., anything else that needs to be replaced to match, is readily available.

Also, I filled the tank for the first time last week, and was greeted with a small gas puddle in the garage this morning. My fault, I guess; since it hadn’t leaked before, I’d forgotten about the cheap plastic inline petcock somebody’d installed in the vacuum hose, which should have been a dead giveaway that the petcock leaks. I closed it, and the carb stopped weeping.

So, looks like I need to rebuild the petcock, too (or find a compatible replacement), and have started reading threads on that topic as well (a call to the nearest dealer, in Asheville, determined the OEM Mikuni petcock isn’t available from KTM anymore).

Thanks in advance for any advice,


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