Leak under the oil filter cover+how do I know if the JD kit has been fitted?

Just took out my new-to-me 2005 WR450F for a spin on Sunday after changing what was immediately needed (oil/oil filter, tires, sporkcets and chain, grips). After a few hours of riding I stopped to pee and noticed what looked like a tiny amount of oil in the dust. I assumed it was an oil leak from the oil filter cover, but upon further inspection it didn't come from there, but from a tiny hole UNDER the cover (basically under the bike)... Is this normal? Didn't smell like oil, and someone just posted having a leak from the weep hole (which upon googling, might bt what I saw?). What's the hole for, and is having two drops falling out very slowly normal? Coolant level is still fine (tons in the overflow reservoir).


Secondly, how do I know if the JD jet kit has been fitted? The PO didn't know but upon checking, the Grey Wire has been cut and I also noticed there's a QS2 (Boyesen Quick Shot 2 upon googling) on the carb (to reduce bog?). THE AIS has also been removed, so I'm assuming the PO also got new jets. Is there a way to see this externally? 


Luckily spotted the leak in a dry place:


Leak location (can kind of see some liquid there):


Carb views:



AIS removed:



I like the bike so far, but it'll take time to get used to coming off a KDX 200... Even though I ride a 4-stroke as an everyday commuter ride, I haven't ridden a 4-stroke offroad for quiite a while. Finding the handling and dynamics white different and I'm sure I'm quite a bit slower on it for now. I'll have to go on a 2-3 day trip to get used to it I guess. Try riding every week...

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1. Remove that POS fuel filter before it cracks and breaks and leaves you stranded . Use a metal filter or nothing

2. The 'leak' is not well enough defined to understand. Probably just from changing the filter

3. You have to pull the carb to know what has been done

4.  Boyessen does not fix bog; it is only an adjustable leak jet. There are a few more things to do to cure it

It's a tiny hole (thus quite difficult to photograph) located underneath what I'm assuming is the oil pump (centered). You can see it under one of the round openings in the stock side protective plates of your bike.



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I think that is a 'weep' hole; provides insight to the condition of the seal by 'weeping' oil when it begins to fail.

If the bike has been sitting a long time, this might cure itself.

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