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Hello guys, Im working on my friends 2003 KTM 525SX (no lights, no starter from factory). I CAN NOT find a proper wiring diagram i need for this bike, or else i would not be here. All ive seen is one for the ECX , xc-s, sx-f (newer bikes). None for "2003 KTM 525SX No lights"

As ive said, 2003 525 SX. He had someone add the starter, BatteryRelay, ETC.. already. He keeps complaining about the battery dying. So we are going to try and get this bad boy to put out DC current.

From what i have found out there is a nifty little yellow wire not connected to anything coming from the stator, putting out good voltage. 

You have your Red and Green Wires with a blue connector (pulser/source coil) coming from the Flywheel cover , and your red/black and red/white in a blue connector, and then the yellow AC Wire.

Since you are already getting that voltage from the yellow wire, would you not just get a Reg/ Rec and hook to it and hook the + and - wires to the battery in the proper attire?

I am aware of the trail tech kit that cost $400, but there is no need for all that mess. Im only charging the battery. no lights, no speedo, no nothing.

I know thousands have done this, i just need some help ! 

Also, Trying to figure out the difference in "525SX" and "525SX Racing"

Thanks guys!

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