My First Thunder Alley Ride

All I can say is Holy s(*t. You guys were right about the performance gains. The boost in the bottom and mid is mind blowing and the top is as good or slightly better than stock.

I've always wondered what it felt like behind the wheel of John Force's dragster, now I know.

p.s. Thinking about buying stock in Dunlop as I toasted a good bit of my new 756 in about a hour and a half of riding (but it was worth it!) :)

Later fellas, and thanks again for the info!

Rich, That sounds exciting, mine should be here early next week and I can't wait to bolt in on and go for a ride! Did you re-jet your carb? I think most said they went to a 168 main jet and that made it even faster!!!



I rode with my "regular" jetting today, that is what Bob recommends at first. He'll tell you to ride it and if the top end feels flat to switch to the 168. I didn't experience any flatness on the top, it felt like it would go until it blew (which is what Bob said the top end should feel like). It's about 2500' elevation here and running my normal 50/50 mix of race and pump I have been using the stock jetting setup with the exception of the needle which is 1 clip position leaner.

Get yourself ready to have a smile from ear to ear my friend because after that first ride nobody will be able to wipe it off your face.


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