08 450 accelerator diaphragm differnces

I noticed in the ipb that Yamaha offers 3 different ap diaphragms. My assumption is the difference between the 3 is the height of the stop button. Is this correct? If so does anyone have the height measurements of the "stock" one that comes in the bike? I'm trying to determine with a bike I just purchased has in it without taking the one out of my 09 for comparison.

The original was an 5JG-14940-17-00, which may be marked as #35, and that does refer to the button length.  Alternates are the 5JG-14940-18-00 (#25) which should have the longest button and thus the shortest squirt duration/volume, and the 5JG-14940-16-00 (#45), which should have the shortest button. 

Do yourself a favor and stay away from Ethanol. You probably already know this, but just in case.

Mine has 858 on it and 3.24. Just bought this bike and everything in it is kinda screwed up. Just trying to see where everything is with respect to the parts in it. Diaphragm looks like its been replaced. Just don't know if its "std" one or not

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