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Yz 250 clutch oil

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Work? Yes, sort of, maybe.  


With any oil originally blended for engines instead of or along with wet clutches and gearboxes, you have two potential problems:


First, there is the question of whether the oil will be compatible with the clutch.  In most cases, unless the oil is labeled as API "Energy Conserving II", it should be OK, but your best indication is labeling stating compliance with JASO MA/MA2.


Another more likely problem is that the oil additives used by most automotive engine oil blenders to make the oil behave as a multi-grade are physically fragile, and subject to being shredded by the shear forces at work in the trans gears. The result of this is that in as little as two hours, depending on which specific oil is used, your 10w-40 can become a 10w-25 or worse.  Some of the higher tier automotive oils labeled for trucks ("C" grade oils) are currently using tougher additives, but not all, because they cost considerably more, and most of the customers buying the product don't need them.


Your best bet is to use an oil labeled as a gear lube, preferably for motorcycles with wet clutches. 

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