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HELP! 08' trx450er won't start with new starter & battery ? valves or soloinoid?

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This isn't my thread but i copied it because i have the same problem. Except i have never checked the valves or had any work completed on them. 


New battery. starter and starter clutch were recently replaced by a mechanic.


I just bought a 2008 trx450er a week ago. I bought it needing a starter motor and battery. Here's what the Guy just replaced. New starter clutch and gear. New valves shimed to specs. When I bought it he bump started it in 2nd gear to show it ran and it ran great! So now I just bought and installed new starter motor and new battery fully harged has 158 cca. Was tested twice so I don't think its battery. I also put a 275 cca lawn mower battert on it with no start either however I do not know if that battery was fully charged. So here's what happens. I hook up fully charged 158cca battery and try to start 450er and what I get is it sounds like a dead or going dead battery. It barely cranks motor over super slow rotation..like takes a couple seconds for full crank rotation. Even though battery is fully charged. It did fire up and start twice when I first put battery on but I died in 3 seconds. I kept charging the battery thinking this was problem but now I've had battery tested good and used another battery on it with more cca and still no start. Also what happens when I keep trying to start it for a while it will keep trying to start by itself and neither the kill switch will turn it off nor the ignition switch. So I unhook battery asap. Someone said that when u keep trying to start the voltage current throughout the bike will fuse the soloinoid switch together and u have to break current by unhooking battery. Then its fine for a few minutes then does same thing after trying to start it awhile. What could the issue be? Any ideas? And the 2008 450er has an automatic decompresser so I can't adjust it. If it was broke would it cause this? Bad or going bad selonoid? Valves not to spec or bent? Even though "he said valves were just done" however he never started it on new starter just twice by bump start in 2nd and it took a lot of as$ to bump it. Any thoughts or ideas what to look for appreciated. This my first honda so I'm clueless when it comes to troubleshooting. Just want to get riding! I'm about ready to take starter back and convert to kicker but I don't know if that would fix anything if it does happen to be valves or wiring or cdi box etc etc. Thanks for any help!

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