Rekluse for an 08 yz450f

I'm looking at getting a rekluse clutch but I'm unsure which one would be the best for me. I'm racing harescrambles and motocross. Any ideas?

I ran the exp 3.0 ($399 just the ring) it worked great didn't have any problems after I set it up

The 3.0 is, IMO, an OK choice for a recreational rider.  The negatives are that you lose the equivalent of one friction plate worth of lining area (15% of the clutch), and the lever feel is harder than stock because of heavier springs used to offset the loss.  Another is that the release at idle is entirely dependent on the cable adjustment, which can change with clutch heat, particularly if using low cost replacement plates rather than OEM Yamaha, Rekluse or another premium plate.  The bike can be bump started, with the setup, but only if a temporary readjustment to the cable is made.  Some say this clutch is fine, no complaints, others have had durability problems.


The high end option of the Core EXP is the best clutch of the three offered, but it's expensive.  However, it's also a full racing grade clutch designed to use a full compliment of plates, including a boss, pressure plate, and deeper cover for clearance.  The cable adjustment is important, of course, but the release clearance is adjusted at the pressure plate, and holds a setting much better.  Lever feel is close to normal stock feel, which a lot of people like.  Not sure if the clutch can be easily set up for bump starts, but even if so, it's normally not capable of it.


The Z-Start Pro is $170 less than the Core EXP, and is regarded by many to have the best engagement action of the three for off-road use (smoother, more controllable).  The lever feel is unnaturally light (seriously a one finger deal) and some don't care for that, but the fact is that there's really not a lot of need to ever bother with the lever anyway.  There is no means by which the bike can be bump started with a ZSP clutch. 


I run the Z-Start on my YZ450 in the desert, and the thing works really well, even when the bike wanders onto an MX course.  Frankly, an auto clutch isn't for everyone, but if you learn to use what it does to your advantage, it can be the best thing since sliced bread.

So that narrows it down to the z start pro and the core 3.0. Either one will prevent the bike from stalling correct?

Not 100% entirely, but when it's set up correctly, either will make it a very rare occurrence when grabbing the rear brake.  It will virtually eliminate stalling at low speeds under power, with the only exception being sudden throttle chops if you have you idle set too rich.

I have a z start pro on my 08 yz450f and kfx450r and I love it. I broke my hand a couple years ago and I like the light lever pull my hand doesn't fatigue nearly as fast. it's tunable also, not sure how you can tune the exps. I had a exp 2 on a kx250f for a while and I liked it, but I couldn't tell if it was slipping under load or just not engaging super quick

Both EXP's are tuneable by the same means as the Z-Start Pro is; changing springs and weights.  With the EXP everything is internal in the ring, though. Takes longer to make changes.

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