Magnetic plug

Has anyone found a magnetic oil drain plug for 03 wr450? I ordered one for a yz450 thinking it would be the same part but they are different. Also FMF Q or Pro Cicuit pipes? Are the complete pipes necessary(very expenssive) or is just the silencer good enough?

Thanks for any info/input

Zip Ty. And its blue. Good for 1 hp. :) Came with stickers. Another 1 hp. :D

Drain plug & power up kit! Did you order from zip ty? I went to their website & don't see 03 wr450 listed, I think only up to 02 wr426. The first plug I ordered was a zip ty, does it not fit or am I too old to get the round thing in the round hole??? I've got two kids damn it!! :)

I ordered mine from zipty and ordered the yz450f plug.It fit my 03 wr450 just fine. Maybe you got one that was mis packaged? :)

I put a Pro Circuit T4 muffler on my bike while using the stock header and it went on no problem. Prepare to play with your carb to get the jetting right and prepare for the noise - mine is LOUD.

Got a Q on mine and like it, mostly because I pass CA sound tests.... Had the Q with stock before I got the SX powerbomd header and it worked just fine. There is noticable bottom end gains with the powerbomb header.

I bought the gyt-r magnetic plug for the yz thinking it would fit mine. Does anyone know if it will?

My Zip-ty plug said "'03 WR250" on the package. It fit fine.

I bought mine last year. Just call um up they have what you need.


You're right mike, I need to call and talk to somebody who knows about these at zip ty. At least now I know they exist for 03 wr450.

AAbout the pipe, it looks like FMF Q is the way to go. I only asked about fmf & p.c. Any other brands I'm missing? Stock or better performance, quiet with spark arrest?

You see alot of folks on the forum with Q or pc496. Another not as common is the Thunder Alley, but people say good things about them.


Not sure I see the value in magnetic plug. Have never found meaningful amount of shavings in the oil filter or resivoir screen. I fouled the 12mm head on the drain plug. Had to remove w/ vise grips. Went to the auto parts house and found the exact metric oil plug w/ a 17mm wrench head. Fit and worked perfectly. They have thread gages to match the original plug at the store. (Dont remember the bolt size and thread pitch). If your in a pinch and need a new drain plug, check the auto parts house. Chances are they will have one that works & works well & cheap too ! Maybe $1.75. FYI

Also, the Thunder Alley pipe is bad ass. About $300 and three weeks. Big low end torque and distinctive sound. Got mine w/ a spark arrestor. Love it :)

where do I find these elusive pipes? Tried "thunder alley" search and I don't see anything on TT either

Not sure I see the value in magnetic plug. Have never found meaningful amount of shavings in the oil filter or resivoir screen.

The biggest chunk of metal I've seen was on the magnet on my GYT-r drain plug on the 3rd oil change, bigger than anything I found in the 2 filters I had changed before. It is a must for a new bike and can't hurt having it there catching those tiny bits of steel.

The '04 GYT-R YZ250 Magnetic Plug fits the '04 WR450. The GYTR YZ450 plug is too large in diameter to fit the 04 WR450.


Thanks for the link Lowedog. Those pipes do look awesome but loud is one thing I'm trying to stay away from.

Saw a GYT-R pipe with spark arrestor at the Yammie dealer. Anyone had experience with this pipe? How's the power, noise? The price is comparable to FMF Q and it is pretty.

i got a 1/4 cylinder shaped rare earth magnet, drilled out my existing plug and epoxied it in.

works luvly :)

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