02 WR426 Ticking when moved around in neutral w engine off

Hey Guys, i've noticed a ticking noise when i'm moving my bike around. It's quite loud and i thought it was just the chain on front sprocket but on closer inspection the sound does not match the rotation of sprocket tooth/chain so it really must be coming from the sprocket shaft inside the gearbox. Having never had this box apart and facing a mammoth task if i do so, would anyone have some advice or history with this? is it normal? wear and tear and to be ignored? or is it undercutting/mis-alignment of gears and about to grenade on me?

IF the ticking happens in neutral while pushing the bike, and more closely matches the frequency at which the output shaft makes a full revolution than anything else, it is likely that there is a problem with the 4th or 5th gear pairs, as those two are splined to the output shaft, and are the only things turning in the gear box under those conditions.  The problem might be a broken tooth, or it might be a bent shift fork allowing one of the two gears to strike its neighbor as it turns.


If you remove the clutch, you can then turn the main shaft by hand and try the noise in neutral and in both 4th and 5th to see if you can further isolate it before the tear down.

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