5BE vs. 5JG DVP needle - Has Yamaha fixed this mixup?

Fellow Jetting Gurus,

I finaly yz timed my '98 WR400 and after hours and hours of research on Thumpertalk I ordered new needle and jets. Of course I got the 5JG-14916-DP needle. OOPS. My question is does anyone know if this mixup of the 5JG being a DKP as opposed to a DVP needle still exist or has Yamaha fixed it? I have no clue as to if the needle in my hand is correct or not. AAAGGGHHH! I have the kid at the shop calling Yamaha, but he doesn't have a clue as to what I am talking about. I wish I could call them myself. Good thing it is freezing and snowing here in Michigan or I would be upset.


Thanks guys. John, that post is the exact post that got me calling. I have it printed and in my hand. The shop called me back after talking to Yamaha and they say that there is nothing wrong with the number and part. I tend to believe the guys in the trenches not the desk jockeys. I will be ordering the 5BE needle by number this time. Bill, do you have an after market exhaust? I am running stock without the baffle or air box top and have the 180 main and 48 pilot ready to install with the needle. Prety much Clark's formula from old posts. Any more info on all this is appreciated.



Yes you are correct, order the needle by the part number not the description.

It is the description that is wrong on the microphiche, not the part number itself.


You don't happen to know who the tech from Yamaha was that confirmed the mis-labeling or where he was from do you? That could help too.


No, I don't know. But this had to be confirmed for me to get my money back and I was present when he was talking to the technical department. I would not waste time trying to have yamaha correctly list the parts. Just order by the part number. Ignore the description.

The microphiche shows.

Part Number (description).

In the description portion for the DKP needle it says (DVP). Under the description of the DVP needle it said (needle). So clearly the needle description is not the item on which they rely.


Take your parts guy back to the service area and make him look in the 2000 YZ426 service manual. It shows 5JG-14916-DP is a (Size) DKP needle. I have a copy in my hand right now, page 7-8. Then show him the needle he gave you is a DKP when you asked for a DVP!!

Tell him you found out on the internet. :)


Well I talked to the shop yet again and talked them into ordering the 5BE needle. I don't know if they believe me or are just humoring me but either way I will have the right needle. Wish me luck.


Tim I just got my needle on friday. the part# your looking for is 5BE-14916-DP.

I put it in clip#3 and a 180 main, didnt change the piolt jet.

bike runs good but the plug looks a bit on the lean side. Im going to try clip#4

Tim your on the right track. I put the dvp needle cilp#3 and the 180 main,I did not change the poilt I was to lazy to put it in.

the bike runs much better. I tried the clip at #4 and the bike started to foul out but the air temp was cold, still testing.

Tim im runing the stock exhaust.

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