HELP!!! I need to install oil seal...

hello, how can I do to install :

slide metal, plain washer and oil seal without fork seal driver?

Thank you in advance


The way I have always done it is to go down to my local shop and ask to use their seal driver. Of course I bought the seals and oil there as well as all my other parts that I need. I bring everything there and just step out side to the parking lot and drive the seals. Takes all of two seconds to do. You might want to replace the dust seals since it is already appart. The oil seals will last longer if you do.

If your dealer won't let you use their driver, I would find a more supportive dealer. it is the leaset that they could do for ssomeone that spends a ton of cash at their business. I have heard of guys making drivers out of PVC but I have never tried it. I think I read it Dirt Rider. White Brothers sells drivers and I think that MSR or Motion Pro might too. The cost about 50 bucks.

thank you very much buck

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