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Another oil spring question

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I am have recently acquired a 2009 505 XCF.  I am going through the bike and doing some preventative stuff.  I ordered and received a new oil bypass spring.  The one that is supposed to be shimmed. From everything I have read on the forum (so yes I have done a search) the spring length of 38.5 is acceptable and then the addition of the 1 mm shim to increase pressure. 


I measured the new spring I received from RMATVMC and it is 40.60mm (uncompressed). It is part number 131307002363 on the package and the part number at RMATVMC is 77338026100.  Is this a new spring part from KTM at longer length?  Should I continue to shim it or will that make it too long? Is this even the right part?  I have been known to get some parts miss labeled from them in the past.


Thanks for any feedback you can provide

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