WR450FT airfilter question



I read an earlier post where mention was made of a washer that sits behind the air filter - rubber?  My 2005 didn't have one.  Is it necessary?


Can someone please post a pic of what it should look like?  I do not have any dust issues and I ride a LOT of sand.




Comes with any good filter

Thanks Krannie.  Since I never had one, I never missed it.  The Motrex filter seals so tightly around the cage, that I never thought something could be missing.


It is a cheap bit from my local Yamaha dealer.  I might just order it to see.


Anyone else not using it?

I run UNI filter it doesn't have it. I have never had any problems on my 04.

I think what is being referred to as the washer is item 17 under the "intake" schematic:


fits over the nipple on the end of the OEM air filter cage. to seal and keep the air filter tight to the cage.




part # 5TJ-14475-00-00

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