Is Their Really A Chain Lube That Doesn't Fling Off?

Is there a chain lube out there that really doesn’t fling off? I love to ride, but hate cleaning off chain lube. I have tried several brands that claim “Will Not Fling Off”, ya right! I have followed their directions, but after a ride it’s all over my swingarm, rim and fender. Has anyone used a lube that really doesn’t fling off?

Don't tell the Honda guys, but I've had good luck with the Honda Chain Lube

for me maxima chain wax works the best,it tends to build-up on sprockets and chain after a while and i have to clean it off but it does not sling!!!!

I use the Bel Ray Super Clean Lube. It doesn't even come off at the washer.

Another thing you may want to try is chain saw lubricant. Just be careful you dont put too much on... because it is very thick and a pain to clean off if too much is applied. :)

Next time you need a chain, buy an O-ring chain and forget it. Just some WD-40 after washing to keep the rust away.

Get the Bel Rey Super Clean.

Another vote for Bel-Ray


A little WD40 every time you fill up your gas tank and you are set!!

I have been using Bel-Ray,it has my vote.

Just bought new chain O-Ring, now using a quality Pro shop spray after wash( to inhibit moisture, thoroughly dry) and then apply a good high speed racing chain lube.Have been using Ipone it works well.

I have been advised by a number of mechanics to not use WD40 as it is a corrosive based product, in a pinch maybe?

I agree with yz400court, Buy a good o_Ring Chain. Pay the Bucks Cheap o. and just use wd each ride. I have been riding since Rodger Decoster Came to America for the Trans-AMA's. I found that taking the chain off from time to time soaking it in soe 30wt oil for about 48 hours then letting it hang dry for a week +, really helps to keep the chain from rusting away. Expecially if the bike is stored for some months a year. All this chain lube crap is for the birds, dont by into the Markeing PooPoo and get every dang item the Pro's use. Remember they are Bulliton Boards and are paid to use this Crap.

Inspect the chain every few months / Rides depending on how hard you ride and where you ride, aka Sand, Clay dusty stuff and so on. Bottom line is the chain is only as good as you keep i up and chain lube in my Ego Opinion is not worth a hill of beans

I use the chain wax myself. Absolutely no fling off at all, though the chain is dry after an hour or two of riding.

My vote is for the WD-40 and an O-ring chain.

Ive been using Maxima Chain wax for years. It doesnt fling off at all. The secret to using that stuff is, when you wash your bike, soak the chain with Gunk or some other hose off degreaser, let it sit for a bit and use a hard stream on the chain while your washing. Then ride it up the street once to fling the wather out. A little WD40 after that, then just drown the chain in the chain wax. Ive been doing this for a long time, and I get way more "mileage" out of my chains than anyone I ride with. I get lots of crap for takin the time to do this, but Im not buying chain and sprockets sets very often at all.

I agree with #302...WD40 is what I use on my X-ring chain and it works well. Remember that dirt is a chain's enemy, and chain lube is sticky and attracts dirt! I spray WD40 on my chain before and after every ride and after washing and it has lasted 18 months of hard riding! I also take the chain off every month and soak it in oil for a week like EgoAHole said! Later,


I stop using chains altogether, go down to the nearest Airforce Mothball facility and buy a grumman f14 and strap the Pratt & Whitney TF30-P-412A Turbofans to the Bike

Rooooostststststs away

Get the Bel Rey Superclean

Noone uses chain lube. It just makes it hard to clean your chain and sprockets. Spraying crap on the outside of the chain does nothing for the rollers inside. Use an O-ring and keep it clean and rust free with WD. If you run non-O chain clean and oil it after every ride. Soak it now and again, especially if it squeeks or links dont bend freely.

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