12\50 gearing

Any one else use this combo ?

I used it for 2 years on my 400 awsome climbing ability,

Maxed out at about 120 kph, 13\50 had me up to 140 kph to fast fot the lanes over here also stalled on this gearing i had thigh bruises as big as two tennis balls on each leg.

So i'll let you know what the result is .

With 14/50 stock sprockets and in first gear one can go up walls and I wheely before I run out of power. I see no need for it and for me it would make first gear useless. my bike idles at 6mph without stalling in first and if I need to go slower than that I will by a trials bike. Stock gearing is perfect on the WR450. :)

15/49......and I still rarely use 1st gear. I could go a couple teeth down on the rear comfortably, at least it feels like it. And this includes mountain riding to ~9000' !

I tried 14/52 14/50 but went with 14/51 this way in most of the tight stuff i can stay in second and only go into first for the really tight stuff.

I recently geared to 13/50. Have'nt stalled yet after the jetting changes and I rarely have to use the clutch when in 1st gear in the really tight stuff.

I'm trying 14/52( 3.57:1 ) this weekend. Looking for the ability to lope around in 3-4th gear, bring the bottom down a bit. The gearing in my application is too tall stock. I'll post any marked results. :)

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