New Tank & Graphics

I'm installing the Acerbis 3.3 gallon tank & new shrouds on my WR450. Has anyone used the Acerbis graphics? If yes, are they durable? Thanks

I can't help you at all, but could you post pics when you get it installed? And let me know how the install went?


Once the new tank is installed, I will post some information (it may take a week or two).

What does the new Acerbis tank look like? I was going to order one from Acerbis but I want to see what it looks like first. I emailed them and they said there are no photos available for this tank. Is it similar to the GYT-R tank? I had heard rumors that the GYT-R was built by Acerbis. Pics P L E A S E!!! :)

I had been looking for pics too, and Greg (bajabunk) was kind enough to email me a couple pics of his Acerbis 3.3g a little while back. Hope he doesn't mind if I share them with the group:

Acerbis 3.3 - Left Side

Acerbis 3.3 - Right Side

Thanks to Greg for being so kind as to shoot the pics and send them to me a couple weeks ago. That's one TALL tank!

I too am interested in the Acerbis/GYT-R tank but I would like to know: Does it use YZ or WR shrouds and seat? After having the old WR400 with the 3.2 gallon tank I am always real nervous on real long dualsport rides. I miss the large tank. :)


The Acerbis is the GYT-R. The Zip-Ty is the IMS. They all use YZF rad shrouds including the Clarke. This gives a better choice of graphics and colored plastics for the shrouds! :)

I bought the 4 gal IMS for my 99 400. Simple bolt on, no mods and use stock seat and rad guards.


OK on the shrouds, but what about the seat? (for the WR450)


I can only comment on the Clarke tank, but it has two bolt positions, one for YZF seat, and another for the WRF seat. I think the others also offer the dual bolt hole option, but I couldn't say for sure.

Clarke 2.8 with WRF seat. It's about 1" short of where the YZF seat comes up to, but it isn't worth getting a YZF seat to me.


Here's a link to the earlier thread here on ThumperTalk. Jim, you can probably get the most definitive answer to your question about the seat by calling Acerbis direct. 800.659.1440

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